• Possession of: a valid statewide Deputy County Agricultural Commissioner license.
  • Experience: Four years in the enforcement of agricultural or weights and measures laws; at least two years of which shall include management, supervisory, or program responsibility experience.
  • 80 hours minimum: of instruction in management and/or supervisory practices, obtained through organized classroom, in-service training, or accredited correspondence courses.
  • Knowledge: all laws relating to the office of County Agricultural Commissioner (CAC); agriculture; the structure and function of county government; Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Pesticide Regulation policies and CACs’ policy statements; principles of administration including program planning, personnel management, budgeting, training, supervision, public relations, office procedures, and records management; legal processes involved in CAC responsibilities; those California Code of Regulations provisions dealing with work directly related to the duties of the CAC and any rules and regulations of a similar nature.
  • Ability:  to lead others; demonstrate initiative to improve supervisory and management skills; head a county department; handle funds of the office in an economical manner; effectively evaluate the qualifications of and demonstrate good judgment in selecting assistants; organize and direct a staff of inspectors; analyze situations and people accurately; make independent decisions quickly on matters of importance; get along well with others; handle difficult situations accurately; take effective action; make decisions on controversial matters; speak and write effectively.

California Code of Regulations, Title 3, Division 1, Chapter 2, Article 1, Section 103

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