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Board of Directors

The California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association [CACASA] is a non-profit organization consisting of 55 members. The governing body of the Association is its Board of Directors [Board]. The Board is utilized to conduct the business of the Association in between the biannual meetings of the General membership.

The Board is comprised of six (6) elected executive officers and ten (10) members who are elected by their respective Regional Area Group. The 58 counties in the state are assigned to one of five (5) Regional Groups of counties based upon similar environments and commonalities with industries. Each of the five area groups elect two Board members; and therefore, impart representation on the Board from all interests of this state. The Board meets throughout the year when necessary.

Recommendations from the numerous CACASA committees are vetted with and acted upon by the Board. The President of CACASA also serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors.

CACASA Officers:

PRESIDENT – Cathy Fisher

PRESIDENT-ELECT – Marty Settevendemie

VICE-PRESIDENT (Agriculture) – Josh Huntsinger

VICE-PRESIDENT (Weights & Measures) – Paul Kjos





COAST Group:                                  Tony Linegar, Joe Deviney

NORTH Group:                                 Jeff Dolf, Tim Gibson

SACRAMENTO VALLEY Group:     Kevin Wright, John Young

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY Group:      Stevie Mc Neill, Milton O’Haire

SOUTH Group:                                  Ha Dang, Nathan Reade