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It can be said that the origin of the California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association was March 11, 1890. Nine years earlier the state’s legislature passed a law that created Boards of Viticulture Commissioner and shortly thereafter, the name was changed from Viticulture to Horticulture. On March 11, 1890 Horticulture Commissioners representing 21 County Boards throughout the state assembled for the first time at a convention in Los Angeles, which was the number one agricultural county in the state at that time. The meeting was called to come up with a plan by which the Commissioners could communicate with each other about topics of importance in the discharge of their duties, and to perfect a permanent organization to facilitate a general interchange of ideas.

Effective August 14, 1929 the title of Horticulture Commissioner was changed to Agricultural Commissioner.

It is noted that Sealers of Weights and Measures [Sealers] met for the first time in San Francisco on August 24, 1915, their first annual conference. Beginning in the 1960s some counties began combining the department head positions of Sealer with that of Agricultural Commissioner. This resulted in the Sealer Association incorporating itself with the Ag Commissioners Association which resulted in the first combined annual conference May 8-11, 1972 held in Yosemite.