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Cathleen M.  Fisher, CACASA President (2016-2017)

As I think about our Association, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve for the next year as your President.  I am grateful to all the past Presidents, Executive and Board members who worked and devoted their time and resources that has laid the foundation for the vision that makes CACASA the strong, successful organization it is today.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Immediate Past President Jim Allan, who over the year has served as an outstanding leader and colleague. CathyFisher During his presidency, Jim devoted much effort into increasing how efficiently and purposefully the Association moves, and did so in a manner which was highly professional and caring.  Jim’s work with the Board of Directors and the recruiting firm to follow through with hiring our very first Executive Director was a milestone accomplishment for which we are all grateful.  In my six years of involvement, I learned that the inherent drive and dedication of the Association’s membership comes from a history of support and leadership by our past Presidents.

As I assume this role, I keep in mind the trust and belief I have in the Executive team and Board of Directors.  All of you possess exceptional aptitude and sense of service.  I look forward to working with each of you and all committee members to accomplish our goals and contribute to the overall mission of CACASA.

Today, we find ourselves having survived the “Great Recession”, are done with recovering from it and now are in a position of expansion and growth.  To do so, will take strategic planning.  This is an exciting time because we are now able to restore eliminated positions and fill vacancies within our departments.  With the addition of new staff and the appointment of new commissioners joining our Association, we will all need to support one another.  One of the objectives of CACASA will be to further enhance our memberships’ collective ability to negotiate the current landscape and thrive.  We will accomplish this by continuing to improve communications and strengthening mutual efforts amongst ourselves and our state and federal partners.  As these relationships are nurtured, the Association will continue to represent the interest of our members and present a cohesive voice while participating in advisory boards, committees, legislative processes and attending a variety of stakeholder meetings.

In addition, the Association’s leadership will look to reach out to our members and engage those who bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative creativity.  We urge you to become an active member and share in the exciting activities and opportunities this organization has to offer.

Lastly, our Executive team and Board of Directors will work diligently throughout the next year to provide the support to our network of members by utilizing our resources when a fellow commissioner is in need of assistance.  I am envisioning the next year to be a year of exciting change that will include the addition of our new Executive Director, Sandy Elles, new committee Chairs, new commissioners joining our Association and new officers including the new secretary and treasurer.  Once again, I am deeply grateful for the support and am honored to have the opportunity to serve as President of this organization CACASA.  In my efforts I will hold true to the mission of the Association. I look forward to hearing from the membership and seeing you all at future meetings and conferences. Thank you!

Cathy Fisher

2016-2017 CACASA President