June 3, 2019
Lassen County
Job Type


The Agricultural Biologist performs a wide variety of professional and technical work in the enforcement of agricultural laws and regulations of the State of California and the County.  The major duties of the job include:

  • Enforce State and County pesticide regulations through the issuance of permits, on-site inspections, and monitoring application and use of appropriate pesticides.
  • Conduct nursery inspections for detection of potentially harmful diseases; take appropriate action.
  • Conduct livestock inspections for detection of pests; take appropriate action.
  • Conduct fruit and vegetable quality control and quarantine inspections.
  • Conduct weed apiary and swarm inspections.
  • Conduct weights and measures tests against reliable standards for both quality and control as well as the accuracy of weights and measures; ensure County seal, as required.
  • Represent the department to outside groups and organizations; provide technical assistance as necessary.
  • Prepare technical and administrative reports, statistics and studies; prepare written correspondence as necessary.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.