February 27, 2019
Sonama County
Job Type


The Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures seeks multiple Agricultural Program Assistants - Extra-Help.

Agricultural Program Assistants are an integral part of the Commissioner's Pest Detection Trapping Program. They work a 40 hours per week schedule through the completion of the detection trapping season which is typically through mid-September but can be extended to the end of October.

As an Assistant, you will focus on:

  • Trapping Glassy-winged Sharpshooter, European Grapevine Moth, exotic fruit flies, and other pests
  • Placing and servicing insect traps, inspecting plant shipments and traps, and conducting related tasks in the field
  • Providing in-office support through the compilation of raw data, calculation of data values using acceptable industry standards, and the production of written reports

The Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures is mandated to promote and protect agriculture, the environment, and public welfare through the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and regulations. One of the department's primary responsibility is the prevention of the establishment of exotic pests that are harmful to our agriculture and the environment. Additional responsibilities include environmental protection and worker health and safety, which are accomplished through enforcing pesticide laws and regulations and agricultural hazardous materials programs.