November 22, 2022
El Dorado County
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The County of El Dorado is committed to promoting the power of public service by fostering a diverse and collaborative workplace where employees are empowered, respected and valued.  The dedicated efforts taken by the Board of Supervisors continues to promote El Dorado County as a competitive employer that is committed to recruiting and retaining qualified employees by advocating for competitive salaries and excellent benefits.  The County of El Dorado is also supportive of providing telework opportunities for employees consistent with business needs and in accordance with Board of Supervisors Policy E-12 - Telecommuting.
The Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures primary mission is to protect, enhance, and promote the preservation of agriculture and the environment, sustain public health, safety, and the welfare of all citizens, all the while providing consumer and marketplace protection through the fair and equitable enforcement of laws and regulations. The Department is committed to assisting the residents of El Dorado County through various programs and services including, but not limited to: pesticide registration and regulation, nursery inspections and compliance, organic production, pest detection, weed abatement, crop statistics, wildlife services, land use information, and consumer and more.

Under a delegation of authority from the Board of Supervisors, the selected incumbent for this at-will position will have department head responsibility for the coordination and direction of the County's Agricultural and Weights and Measures Department. The incumbent is responsible for overall policy development, fiscal management, administration, and operation of the department.

The selected candidate will have the opportunity to:

  • Assume full management responsibility for all programs, services, and activities of the County's Agricultural and Weights and Measures Department.
  • Develop and direct the implementation of goals, objectives, work standards, and departmental policies and procedures; prepares and administers the department budget.
  • Plan, organize, and direct County-wide programs for the inspection, standardization, and quarantine of agricultural products; the control and abatement of agricultural pests and noxious weeds; and the enforcement of labeling, packing, and marketing standards for agricultural products.
  • Interpret and ensure department compliance with all County policies and procedures; standards of quality and safety; and all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Develop and apply policies conforming with state and federal rules, regulations, and orders.
  • Plan, organizes, and direct County-wide programs for the inspection and standardization of weighing, metering, and measuring devices within the County, including programs to enforce standards for petroleum dispensing devices, large and small capacity weighing devices, and quality control of prepackaged items.