April 8, 2020
Calaveras County
Job Type


Under administrative direction, plans, organizes and directs the management and operation of the Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures, enforces laws and regulations pertaining to pesticide use, agriculture and weights and measures and performs related duties as required.


This is a single position class functioning under the Director of the Environmental Management Agency. The incumbent is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and shall serve according to provisions of the Food and Agricultural Code Sections 2121 et. seq. and Business and Professions Code Sections 12200 et. seq., as well as per other applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Example of Duties

  • Directs and coordinates staff and activities involved in the enforcement of all state laws, rules and regulations that pertain to the Office of the County Agricultural Commissioner; provides technical advice and training on problems relating to agriculture, pest control and weights and measures.
  • Manages programs for inspection, quarantine and standardization of agricultural products; detection, control and abatement of agricultural invasive pests and noxious weeds.
  • Enforces state pesticide use laws and regulations.
  • Enforces labeling, packing and marketing standards found in the food and ag code for agricultural products.
  • Coordinates and supervises the local program for the control of predatory animals.
  • Inspects and enforces regulations pertaining to weighing and measuring devices, petroleum products, net contents of packaged goods and weigh master operations.
  • Supervises subordinate staff, including hiring, training and evaluation.
  • Develops and manages departmental budget, including the monitoring of revenue and expenditure accounts.
  • Determines needs for fixed asset purchases, coordinates collection and usage of pertinent statistics.
  • Manages agreements and contracts with the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Pesticide Regulation.
  • Prepares and presents reports to the Board of Supervisors, county managers and others; confers with local, state and federal officials regarding departmental activities.
  • Compiles a statistical annual report on the agricultural production within the county.
  • Accepts applications for and collaborates with the Planning Department to Administer the Williamson Act program.
  • Serves as departmental liaison and lead agent for the Right to Farm Ordinance.
  • Represents Calaveras County on The Fish and Game Committee, The Ag Advisory Committee and The Hardwood Advisory Committee.
  • Represents the Department with external partners and community stakeholders including Farm Bureau, Resource Conservation District, Calaveras Grown and Cattlemen Organizations.

See application for more details.