April 21, 2020
Ventura County
Job Type


Examples Of Duties

Depending on level, area of assignment, and licensure, duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Enforces pesticide use laws and regulations, issues restricted material permits and monitors usage; monitors and inspects pesticide use by pest control businesses, private applicators, government, and commercial applicators, including agricultural and non-agricultural uses (structural, institutional, and industrial), for regulatory compliance; inspects and supervises the application of state and federally restricted materials; analyzes compliance history and recommends appropriate actions;
  • Inspects and certifies agricultural commodities in preparation for export from Ventura County and certifies the products in accordance with State, County, Federal and Foreign quarantines; may issue Certificates of Quarantine Compliance and Phytosanitary Export Certificates;
  • Inspects imported agricultural commodities at post offices, express carriers, trucking companies, personal residences, and various other points of entry to ensure compliance with quarantine requirements;
  • Inspects and certifies production and wholesale nursery stock for regulatory compliance; inspects and samples plant material, hard surfaces, water, soil, fruits, vegetables, seeds, feed grain, and other agricultural commodities in growing areas, the field and markets, packing houses, mills, and storage areas for compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Inspects agricultural fields, wholesale packing companies, and retail outlets to ensure agricultural commodities comply with California State quality, maturity, labeling, and packaging standards;
  • Inspects and certifies California Certified Farmers' Markets and Certified Producers and California State Organic Program Registrants;
  • Registers farm labor contractors and performs worker safety inspections, employer records audits, and employee safety record audits;
  • Investigates complaints involving the misuse of pesticides and addresses concerns regarding pesticide application; investigates a variety of incidents, such as pesticide-related illnesses, reports of loss, environmental effects, plant quarantine violations, Right To Farm Ordinance complaints, Direct Marketing and Organic violations, etc.; gathers samples and evidence and prepares investigative reports; reviews and evaluates evidence to ascertain if a violation has occurred and recommends appropriate action, including potential enforcement actions;
  • Issues compliance actions such as notices of violation, cease and desist orders, and letters of warning; participates in documented compliance interviews and follows up to ensure compliance;
  • Prepares and maintains detailed inspection reports, investigations, and daily workload reports;
  • Participates in and conducts continuous pest detection surveys and identifies common insects, weeds, plants, and diseases;
  • Inspects and samples bee colonies for disease, registration and proper identification procedures;
  • Participates in education and outreach activities to the general public and the regulated community regarding agriculturally-related issues; assists in the preparation and delivery of continuing education for permittees and pest control licenses holders; creates informational documents; makes oral presentations to the public, etc.;
  • Operates sensitive field and lab equipment necessary for identification, sampling, and determining compliance with set standards;
  • Collects data regarding Crop Statistics and Disaster Assessments;
  • Leads and participates in inspection activities within area of assignment (Senior);
  • Performs other related duties as required.