December 23, 2022
Mendocino County
Job Type


The Agricultural Commissioner - Sealer of Weights is appointed by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to serve a four-year term. Under administrative direction of the Board, the primary responsibility is the overall administration of the department, including duties such as budget development and administration, full supervisory duties, setting goals and priorities, researching and preparing detailed reports (such as, the annual crop report), developing and implementing programs, presenting technical data and assigning and reviewing the work product of others.

The position is responsible for assuring that directives from the State Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Pesticide Regulations are carried out; serving as the local administrator for the Organic Act and Farmer's Markets, pest prevention, pesticide enforcement and investigations, inspection of nurseries, seed, fruits and vegetables, eggs, and noxious weed control.

Through guidelines of the Division of Measurement Standards (DMS), the position is responsible for planning and directing the Weights and Measures programs to inspect and certify weighing and measuring devices, packaged commodities, weighmaster, and petroleum product quality. It also assists in the prosecution of violators.