Calaveras County

County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer

Jesse Fowler

23 East Saint Charles Street
San Andreas, CA 95249

p: (209) 754-6504 x3
f: (209) 754-9256

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About Calaveras County

Calaveras County was one of the original counties of the state of California, created in 1850 at the time of admission to the Union. Parts of the county’s territory were reassigned to Amador County in 1854 and to Alpine County in 1864.

The county’s geography includes beautiful landmarks, rolling hills, and giant valleys. It is also known for its friendly communities and businesses such as agriculture management and construction engineering. It has numerous caverns, such as Mercer Caverns, California Cavern and Moaning Cavern that are national destinations for tourists from across the country. Other attractions include a thriving winemaking industry, including the largest of the Calaveras wineries: Ironstone Vineyards, mountain sports recreation, and the performing arts.

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Annual crop year reports have been reproduced for your convenience. Export reports are typically published within the corresponding crop year report. While data is made available throughout the year, crop year and export reports are published typically about one year following the given crop year.