El Dorado County

County Agricultural Commissioner / Sealer

LeeAnne Mila

311 Fair Lane
Placerville, CA 95667

p: (530) 621-5520
f: (530) 626-4756

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About El Dorado County

James W. Marshall discovered gold in Coloma on January 24, 1848, and the population of California and what would become El Dorado County, exploded with miners hoping to strike it rich. El Dorado, Spanish for “Golden One”, was one of the original 27 Counties of the State of California, formed by an Act on February 18, 1850. Coloma was the first County seat of El Dorado County, but when the gold began to become scarce the County seat was moved to Placerville in 1857.

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County Crop Report

Annual crop year reports have been reproduced for your convenience. Export reports are typically published within the corresponding crop year report. While data is made available throughout the year, crop year and export reports are published typically about one year following the given crop year.