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Craig Hemphill

175 Russell Avenue
Susanville, CA 96130

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About Lassen County

In the 1840’s, John C. Fremont and his army followed the trails left behind by fur trappers exploring the area in the 1830’s to prepare for the Bear Flag revolt, which led to the creation of California.

With the Gold Rush of 1849 and emigrants following established trail routes through the area, it was not until 1854 that the area began to take shape, as a trading post was established on the west end of Honey Lake Valley. A small gold rush just south of the trading post two years later caused the permanent settlement of Honey Lake Valley and Lassen County.

In 1863, due to a growing dispute over land boundaries and taxes, the Sagebrush War ensued. After a victorious end for the residents in the area, Lassen County was created.

By 1880, many settlements had sprung up in the area, and the railroad industry had begun to develop interests in the area. The Nevada-California-Oregon Railway (NCO), which operated from 1880 to 1927, was the longest narrow gauge line in the nation in this century, traversing the eastern side of the County and assisted in the development of the high desert region of eastern Lassen. The Fernley & Lassen Railroad, built in 1913, tapped into western Lassen’s timber resources.

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